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Turnkey VoIP Phone System Services – Installation, Configuration, Management and Maintenance

At Layer Seven, we install new cloud-based, hosted VoIP phone systems for small and medium sized businesses throughout San Diego. Are you frustrated with your current cloud system? No worries, we can migrate or help you to remediate issues with your existing system.

Cloud Based Solutions

Discover the affordability, user features and cost savings benefits by switching to or migrating to a cloud based phone system by Layer Seven. Why continue to maintain your hardware on site, employ unnecessary technical resources and pay over 50% more on a monthly basis when you can increase productivity and reduce costs?

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VoIP Phone System Installation

VoIP Phone System Installation or Migration

Hosted VoIP Phone Solutions is what we do. As a leader in the San Diego market, we save our customers money and enable them to conduct business with the most advanced business communications platform. It’s all done in the cloud. We provide the phone system infrastructure for you and simplify your local area network by eliminating the components that you don’t need.

Do you have a legacy or analog phone system? No problem. Did you know you can convert your analog phones to IP with adapters and/or gateways that are very affordable and easy to implement? You may not have all of the bells and whistles, but you don’t have to purchase new phones and you can get rid of those costly landlines.


Internet Connection vs. Landlines

With a cloud based or hosted VoIP phone system you are able to use your internet connection for everything including your computer network, data transfer and voice. Is call quality a concern? Don’t let it be. Our specialists focus on the most important aspects of business communications and we understand how important call quality is. We implement the necessary firewalls, routers and switches and configure them so that voice is a priority. Our cloud system configurations ensure that you always have enough internet bandwidth.

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VoIP Phone Configuration in San Diego

Phone System Configuration

We believe it’s a much more proactive approach to handle the technical work on our customers’ behalf saving time, money and unnecessary downtime. Let us configure your system vs. do it yourself.

When it comes to configuring a phone system, there are plenty of moving parts and intricate settings with IP addresses, switch ports, firewall settings etc. When these are done incorrectly, you run the risk of unsecure networks, IP conflicts disrupting Fax or printer operation as well as a numerous other issues that we can help you prevent the first time.

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