Virtual Cloud Servers

Consolidate your business IT needs on a private and personalized Virtual Server from Layer Seven.

Virtual Cloud Servers for Small Business and Web Development

Layer Seven is a San Diego based Virtual Server provider. Our Virtual Server solutions are designed to offer small to medium sized business as well as web development professionals maximum reliability, flexibility and security at the most affordable rates. With the advancements in the capabilities of Virtual Servers over the past several years, we are able to offer you a cost effective Dedicated Server alternative on a subscription and pay-as-you-go basis.

Depending on the particular IT needs of your business, our Virtual Server solution may be more sensible and beneficial than our Dedicated Server Solutions, especially when it comes to your budget outlay for your information technology requirements.

We offer a variety of Virtual Server packages and add-ons, which can be customized to your business IT needs. Both our Virtual and Dedicated Server solutions have their unique features and benefits. To see which server configuration is the right solution for you, FREE ASSESSMENT below or give us a call: 619-473-5600


So, What Exactly is a Layer Seven Virtual Cloud Server?

Much like our Dedicated Server Solution, our Virtual Cloud Server Solution is a physical server or servers located in a SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center. However, the physical server hardware is partitioned or divided into multiple virtual servers that you, as the customer have access to.

You don’t share our virtual servers with any of our other customers. Our Virtual Server Solutions are designed to be devoted to your specific business IT needs.

How Your Layer Seven Virtual Server Works:

Our Virtual Server configurations work much like our Dedicated Server solutions. However, the virtualization software runs on server hardware in order to divide or partition the server into multiple ‘virtual servers.’

Layer Seven Virtual Server Operating Systems

At Layer Seven, we have several Dedicated Server Operating System configurations. Depending on your specific needs, we will help you determine the proper configuration.

  • All Versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Server 2008
  • Microsoft Server 2012
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Data Center
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Novell Netware
  • Unix SUN Solaris
  • Unix HPUX
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • And more..

Features of Layer Seven's Virtual Server Solutions:

At Layer Seven, our Virtual Server Solutions provide you access to advanced and robust information technology and cloud server infrastructure at much lower total cost of ownership and without the capital investment, maintenance or monitoring.

  • Active Directory
  • Centralized File Location for Multi-User Access
  • Managed Server Options
  • File Server Configurations
  • Data Storage
  • Redundant Hard Drive Configurations
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Data Security
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Variable Data Storage Capacities
  • Hosted Software Applications
  • Windows or Linux Operating Systems
  • Variable RAM Configurations
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • 24x7 Administrative Access
  • Microsoft Exchange

Benefits of Layer Seven's Virtual Server Solutions:

By opting for a Layer Seven Virtual Server, you eliminate the need to spend large amounts of money on new IT equipment or equipment upgrades. Instead, your IT costs become an operational expenditure and a direct cost of doing business. In addition, Layer Seven’s Virtual Server solutions eliminate the need for full time IT employees or employee managers and on-going maintenance.

  • Guaranteed Security
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Reliability
  • Business Flexibility
  • Business Scalability
  • Customization
  • Accessibility
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Speak with a Layer 7 Representative about your IT needs.