In today’s age, moving to the ‘Cloud' is a popular IT business practice and is setting a new standard in the way that organizations do business. Cloud-based solutions offer flexible functionality regarding computing and data storage, providing businesses with options to continuously and quickly scale to customer and market demands with minimal capital investments. In addition, employees are presented with new ways to collaborate with increased efficiency and productivity among many other benefits.

However, there are many concerns and challenges when migrating to the cloud. At the top of the list for many businesses are the organizational challenges when planning for and developing their own hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud is syncing premise-based network elements with public cloud platforms, which naturally present additional concerns.

For example, migrating to the cloud forces an organization to rethink and reallocate their IT resources, technical skill sets and financial resources. Instead of building out premise-based data centers, IT resources are now tasked with selecting, integrating and developing interfaces to communicate with different cloud-based platforms and solutions according to specific needs of their day-to-day operations. Simultaneously, it’s vital to consider cloud governance (security policies, data protection, cost management and others) as well as on-going network management (premise-based vs. 3rd party managed services).

At the end of the day, change can be good as long as it fosters cost savings, efficiency, productivity, and improves your overall day-to-day operations. Unfortunately there is no such thing as one size fits all. While you may have considered moving to the cloud or perhaps you’re eager to make the transition, there are a considerable amount of moving parts and complexities to consider before making a decision.

It’s important to understand your current position, where you’re headed and where you’re planning to be in 5 years. At Layer Seven, we specialize in cloud solution and IT consulting, helping small and medium sized business throughout San Diego and Southern California assess their computer network needs and devise sensible solutions.

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