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Depending on your needs, whether you are looking to upgrade from your outdated legacy phone system, are unhappy with your current vendor or need help improving and understanding what you currently have we’ll provide you with turnkey solutions, which are quick, seamless and reliable.

Tailored Solutions

We know your needs are unique and is why we work to understand how you conduct business, what’s important to you, identify your pain points and determine areas for improvement. This applies to selecting the correct hardware, installation and configuration of your phone system.

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Technical Assistance

We’re hands on with a proactive approach when it comes to installing and configuring your business phone system. Based on our experience, we’re able to save you time, headache and unnecessary expenditures in both the short and long run by doing the technical work for you vs. doing it yourself.

Phone System Management

Conduct business without interruption and focus on what you do best. We realize that business communication is vital to the success of any business and is why our phone solutions are designed and structured for 99.9% uptime and managed 24/7 by our IT specialists.

San Diego Phone System Solutions
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Phone System Installation or Migration

Our specialists are familiar with nearly any phone system, whether it is a legacy system, premise-based VoIP system or hosted PBX. We install new and used systems as well as migrate existing systems and implement the hardware components you need to improve system quality, reliability and most importantly save you money.

From hardware sales and installation (phones, switches, routers, firewalls) to data cabling and internet carriers, our phone system installation and migration services are turnkey and seamless from start to finish. Get in touch with us to request an assessment or discuss your needs.

Phone System Configuration

Forget about the do it yourself phone system companies and let our specialists handle the configuration on your behalf. We believe it’s a much more proactive approach to handle the technical work on our customers’ behalf saving time, money and unnecessary downtime.

When it comes to configuring a phone system, there are plenty of moving parts and intricate settings with IP address, switch ports, firewall settings etc. When these are done completed correctly, you run the risk of unsecure network, IP conflicts disrupting Fax or printer operation as well as a numerous other issues that we can help you prevent the first time.

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Phone System Management in San Diego

On-Going Management

At Layer Seven, we offer on-going management of your phone system providing you with the confidence to conduct business uninterrupted and with 99.9% uptime. While we do manage your system as a whole, we enable you and your users to have control of their feature sets and basic system settings. With the option to implement administration rules and user access restriction, just like you can do with a file server, we can customize your user access configuration so that anyone can access their feature sets on-demand on enable or disable their features at their convenience or adjust their daily settings to accommodate them in the office or on the go.

Technical Support - 24/7

We offer around the clock support with our advanced Network Operations Center (NOC). Known for quick response times and remedial services you are able to reach our specialists at any time over the phone or via email through our automated support system. We’ve invested in and built a technical support infrastructure with your best interest in mind. With unique ID assignment to every helpdesk request, we’re able to actively track each ticket from start to finish, resolving your issues in a timely manner.

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