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Gain access to our dynamic, secure and robust server infrastructure, which we can tailor to your specific business information technology needs. Depending on your requirements, our server specialists can assess your needs, design and implement a private, cloud-based server environment specifically for you. From virtual terminal server to secure file servers, at Layer Seven we provide you with Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solutions, helping you improve productivity, streamline your day-to-day operations, reduce costs, eliminate cost of ownership and ensure you always adhere to applicable regulatory requirements. We’ll provision additional resources on an as needed or long term basis.

Server Monitoring

If and when our system detects an issue such as low disk space or memory, high CPU utilization, service failures or other important system diagnostics, our team will be alerted and take the appropriate action preventing technical issues from morphing in to serious problems.

Performance Trending

At Layer Seven, our tools enable us to gather server usage and trending information so we can make educated recommendations for capacity and server life cycle planning.

Patch Management

We keep your servers secure, 24/7/365, with pre-scheduled, routine security updates. The monthly patches are delegated in a way that is unobtrusive ensuring we never disrupt your business operations during normal working hours.

Server Checks

In addition to our automated monitoring capabilities, we assign engineers from our Network Operations Center (NOC) who perform routine health checks of your server systems. Items that are routinely checked depend on the specific role of your server and include action items such as system log review and critical data review.

Server Optimization

At Layer Seven, we employ innovative practices to customize server infrastructures for your specific business IT needs. Streamline the monitoring, management and maintenance of your server systems.

Server System Solutions

Get more efficient and effective planning, deployment and implementation of industry leading server technologies. Adapt our managed server solutions to your specific needs.

Build Your Own Cloud

Get the most out of cloud-based server technology with our industry leading server platforms, provoke business growth and reduce in-house IT resources and network complexity.

Affordable & Efficient Servers

Our server infrastructure resides in tier 3, certified data centers offering secure environments, reliability, redundancy, optimal performance and easy-to-use tools. Offered on a pay-as-you go basis, our system servers are ideal for small and medium sized business.

Business-Class Data Storage

At Layer Seven, we offer centralized, simplified data storage solutions for small and medium sized businesses with advanced virtualization capabilities, data protection, data security, multi-level redundancy, excellent performance and reliability for your critical data.

Simple Deployment

Server & hardware infrastructure is designed for quick, easy and seamless deployments capable of hosting nearly any main stream software applications and formatted to accommodate your user structure including multiple locations and remote users.

Modular Designs, Built for Business

At Layer Seven, we offer robust, fast, scalable, flexible, effective and efficient managed server solutions suited for nearly any business structure, user foundation and heavy workloads.

Fast, Resilient, Agile Platforms

We treat the storage and backup of data like we do with our disaster prevention policies. By establishing multiple levels of data redundancy, we eliminate the risk of losing critical data. In addition, we ensure you always have enough data storage capacity for optimal system performance.

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