IT Consulting & Engineering

Realize the full potential of your IT resources, assets and investments from a strategic and objective perspective with the expert IT consultants and engineers at Layer Seven.

IT Strategy Development, Implementation, Execution and Effectiveness

Layer Seven is an IT Engineering and IT Consulting Company based in San Diego. Our expert IT consultants and engineers provide thorough assessments and holistic perspectives to gain an understanding of your business IT position, IT needs and direction. Equipped with an impressive arsenal of professional IT services from Cloud Computing and Data Services to Hosted VoIP and Business Telephone Systems, we work with small and medium sized business all over the nation to help them improve their on-site and/or off-site information technology business needs.

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IT Strategy Design & Development

Your information technology infrastructure can either help or hurt your business productivity and profitability immensely. At Layer Seven, our expert IT consultants and IT engineers focus on thoroughly understanding your business IT needs and developing an on-site or off-site solution that is going to make the most sense for you in both the short and long term.

Network Performance Improvement

Layer Seven’s expert IT consultants and IT engineers assess your existing network infrastructure and current IT investments and leverage them in a cost conscious approach to devise a solution to improve your business productivity and add the communication resources, both hardware and software, that you need to streamline and grow. All of our IT solutions are deployed to be on-demand, scalable and flexible so that when it comes time for growth, new locations, re-locations, added users, mergers and acquisitions and more, you are able to transition your information technology infrastructure easily and seamlessly.

IT Project Management

Whether you are implementing an on-site network IT infrastructure and off-site network IT infrastructure or a combination of both, Layer Seven’s IT project managers are certified, trained and experienced with advanced network communication design, deployment and support.

Layer Seven's team of IT consulting and project managers have the breadth of expertise to ensure that your IT resources will support your business now and in the future. When it's time to upgrade or expand your network capabilities, Layer Seven's support specialists can install and configure new PCs, laptops, and handhelds for your users quickly and efficiently. Whether it's one Macintosh or 100 PCs, Layer Seven will recommend, plan and implement the best desktop and IT network solutions to connect your business, with the least interruption to daily business operations.

L7 IT Consulting and IT Engineering Services:

  • Planning and Analysis for Virtualization
  • Alignment and Optimization for Servers (Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers)
  • Analysis and Breakdowns for IT costs both Capital and Operating
  • Network architecture, design and execution for all types of networks (WAN, LAN, VLAN, etc)
  • Design, configuration and optimization of on-site and off-site IT Infrastructure, including IaaS
  • Assessment and Audits of IT capacity, IT networks, network performance and infrastructure performance
  • IT project management and IT strategic planning
  • Remote monitoring, Managed IT services and IT remedial service planning
  • Assessment, analysis, planning and optimization of Application Outsourcing
  • Small and Medium Sized Business IT network design and support

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