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Regardless of your current phone system configuration or needs, we help you evaluate your network by eliminating any unnecessary hardware or components in an effort to simplify your business communications and realize significant cost savings. With over 12 years in the business, our specialists are here to help you conduct business without interruption and contribute to the efficiency and increased productivity of your specific day-to-day operations.

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With a quick and unobtrusive assessment, our phone system specialists can help you identify your pain points, understand any areas for improvement and determine your exact needs. It’s our initiative to simplify your components and minimize the moving parts; and, we do it at an affordable rate that fits your budget in both the short and long term. Our core competency is designing and implementing effective, reliable, and manageable phone systems with your cost savings in mind.

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A Solution That Makes Sense for You

After we have assessed your unique needs, we’ll propose a couple options that make the most sense for you. As there are no two businesses the same, we don’t believe in do-it-yourself, cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we take the time to understand not only your network, but your business objectives, business model and how to design, overhaul and/or improve your network components so we can deliver a phone system solution applicable to the way you do business.

Desk Phones & System Hardware

Whether you are able to use your existing network hardware (firewall, switch, PoE switch, data cabling, etc), use your existing desk phones, add a few new phones or replace all of your components, we have deep rooted relationships with the top name brand and reputable equipment manufacturers enabling us to provide you with some of the most competitive pricing.

See for yourself; check out the IP Desk Phones, Conference Phones and Cordless Phones we have to offer.

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Pricing & Billing

Our phone system solutions are priced on a per user basis and are billed on a monthly basis. Based on the number of users, office locations, quantity and type of phone numbers as well as number of phones will determine your total cost. If you’re interested in inquiring about pricing, please contact us below or call: 619-473-5600. We typically save our customers up to 50% or more on their OpEx and either eliminate or decrease the upfront CapEx by 80%.


Phone System Installation or Migration

Dependent upon your needs, whether you are looking to upgrade from your outdated legacy phone system, are unhappy with your current vendor or need help improving and understanding what you currently have we’ll provide you with turnkey solutions, which are quick, seamless and reliable.

In the event that we install at new phone system or migrate an existing system, we aim to exceed your expectations. Our technicians are available during normal business hours or after hours with expertise in zero or very minimal downtime, which of course, is conducted at your discretion. We always enable business communication and perform installations or migrations in phases, if necessary. Generally, we are able to have you up and running, business as usual within a few hours.

San Diego Phone System Installation Company
San Diego Phone System Configuration Company

Phone System Configuration

You may have read this once and we hope you’re okay with it, because this is one thing that sets us apart! We configure your system for you at the time of installation so you don’t have to. It’s not uncommon to be attracted to the unbelievably low monthly price points that the national retailers offer, but just know that many times the low cost services come with hidden costs and they expect you to configure your new phone system yourself. Sure, they offer assistance and direction from a distance and over the phone, but unless you understand IP addresses and how those affect nearly every other piece of hardware in your office, there’s a good chance you could be in for some major headaches, preventing you from completing the tasks that matter most.

When you choose to do-it-yourself, you are also, in a way, volunteering to be your own IT Manager. Leave the technical stuff up to us. It’s our job as the IT professionals to make this as easy now and down the road for you.

Phone System Management

It’s pretty straight forward; we manage your phone system and all of the technical components on an on-going basis for you. We do, however, enable you to access, manage and customize your features and desk phone settings at your convenience, on-demand. All users, if you choose so, have access to their own online portal giving them easy access, from any device (PCs or Mobile Devices) to their settings and features, regardless if they are technical or not. With a simple login, easy navigation and just a minute or two, you can elect to have your calls forwarded to your cell phone at any time among a variety of other useful options.

Phone System Management Company San Diego
San Diego Phone System Techncial Support

24/7 Technical Support

Should any issues arise with your Layer Seven business phone system, our specialists are available at our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to remediate any technical issues that you are experiencing. We pride ourselves on quick response times and customer engagement, staying on the issue until resolved and business communications are restored back to normal. Technical support can be requested over the phone or through our automated ‘Layer Seven Support’ system, which enables you to submit a request via email, which auto alerts our technicians, creating a helpdesk ticket ID. With our advanced remedial, preventative, and proactive support infrastructure, we don’t let your issues fall through the cracks.

Mobile Device Integration

Some businesses may prefer their employees to BYOD (bring your own device). Whether this is you or not, all users working from the office or remotely, can easily integrate their smart phones, computers, tablets and more for maximized collaboration and communication continuity.

With several readily available features from call-forwarding, text messages, voicemail to email, video conferencing and others, you are able to have a ‘cool factor,’ that contributes to productivity and your bottom line.

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