Hosted Data Security

Protect yourself from the ever growing possibility of a cyber attack and malicious software threats with Layer Seven's Data Security, Managed Firewall and Anti-Virus Solutions.

Data Security, Managed Firewall and Anti-Virus for Small and Medium Sized Business

At Layer Seven, our primary focus is protecting our customer’s data and network infrastructure with premium network security. As cloud computing technology continues to rapidly grow so does the cloud security issues. But rest assured, we guarantee 100% security and protection of our hardware and software platforms and most importantly your data, server and business applications.

As a Hosted Data Service Provider in San Diego, we offer our robust Hosted Security solutions to small and medium sized businesses throughout the nation, which are designed to be easily deployed and cost-effective.

If you have specific questions regarding our data security, security hardware and security software policies and procedures, please FREE ASSESSMENT below or give us a call at: 619-473-5600


Layer Seven Hosted Data Security

We continuously monitor, manage and maintain our hardware and software programs and equip them with robust Anti-Virus agents and the most advanced and managed firewall hardware on the market. When you choose a Managed Server plan or any of our other Cloud and Data Services, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected and secure at all times.

Layer Seven Managed Firewall

Is your data really secured? Our team of security experts are dedicated to offering you around-the-clock monitoring of your Firewall ensuring your networks security. Our Network Operations Center, NOC, assures that as a managed customer, we are quickly notified of any attempt in compromising your network.

Your company will benefit from having all of your locations protected by a centrally managed system. Whether you have 1 or 100 locations, Layer Seven delivers you the ability to centrally manage your corporate IT Security.

  • Firewall Policy Design
  • Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Firewall Log Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Emergency Notification
  • Rule Set Changes and Validation
  • Configuration Changes
  • Firewall Upgrades
  • Software Patch Management
  • Firewall Backup and Recovery
  • General Maintenance
  • 24x7 Security Event Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Check
  • Backup check and Test Restore
  • Windows Server Security Scan
  • SQL Server Check
  • Event Log Review
  • RAID Verification
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Server Maintenance

Features of Layer Seven's Hosted Security Solutions

Keep your network infrastructure and applications protected and secure with a Layer Seven Hosted Security Solution. We offer a fully managed suite of network and application security to shield your critical hardware, software and data while conforming to your security policies and procedures.

  • 24/7/365 Network Security Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Network Security Management
  • On-Demand Security Reporting
  • Managed Firewall Protection
  • Managed Router Protection
  • Network Security Audit Features
  • Incident Response Tracking for Network Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Web and Content Filtering
  • Internet and Bandwidth Management
  • VPN and Secure Remote Access
  • Off-Net Connectivity
  • Anti-Virus Implementation and Reporting

Beneftes of Layer Seven's Hosted Security Solutions

With Layer Seven’s Hosted Security Solutions you are entitled to advanced security and network protection without any upfront capital or additional employee expenses. Our Hosted Security Solutions provide you with total control at your leisure as well as a total hands-off solution with our fully managed Hosted Security offerings.

  • Minimize Capital Investments and Operational Expenses
  • Develop and centralize network security policies and procedures
  • Obtain robust security hardware to protect your network infrastructure and applications
  • Gain detailed insight to your network security and performance with on-demand monitoring and reporting tools
  • Minimize bandwidth usage and open your pipeline for more important usage
  • Create user access rules to control the accessibility of certain data files
  • Gain maximum flexibility and scalability for growth and downsizing

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