Hosted Data, Storage & Backup

Get on-demand and secured off-site data storage with around the clock data backup using Layer Sevens Cloud File Storage and Managed Data Backup Solutions.

Hosted Data Servers; Cloud File Storage and Cloud Backup Solutions for Your SMB

Like all of our infrastructure as a service hardware including our Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers, our Hosted Data Servers and Data Backup hardware is located in a SAS 70 Type II Certified data center to ensure the optimum environment for security and redundancy. As a San Diego based Cloud File Storage and Cloud Backup service provider, we offer small and medium sized businesses a variety of off-site data storage and backup solutions across the nation. Our cloud file storage and data backup solutions are customizable to you unique needs and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Designed to fit all of our small to medium sized business partners, our Cloud File Storage and Cloud Backup solutions offer you a simple Data Server Platform with premium security, functionality and guaranteed protection with easy accessibility.

To see what kind of Cloud File Storage and/or Cloud Backup Solutions would be best for your business, FREE ASSESSMENT below or simply give us a call at: 619-473-5600 and we’ll help you design and implement an IT business continuity plan for your data storage, backup and disaster recovery.


Hosted Data Storage

At Layer Seven, we offer several different data storage solutions for small to medium sized businesses. All of our highly available data servers have multiple levels of redundancy to ensure maximum uptime and security. Our off-site data storage solutions are designed to be convenient and efficient with easy implementation and on-demand scalability.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Easily recover the loss of your critical data and applications with Layer Seven’s Cloud Backup solutions. Our Cloud Backup solutions are designed to work under our Managed Backup Service Agreements so that you can rapidly and remotely recover your data and applications in the event of a data loss disaster.

Loss of data or major hard drive failures can be very costly to any company if back up disaster recovery has been overlooked. Often lacking in-house support and documented procedures, all businesses are particularly vulnerable to computer security risks but seldom have a business continuity plan in place. Layer Seven is a San Diego based Managed Backup Server provider who offers fully managed, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions to help your business minimize their risk from unforeseen catastrophes including failed hardware.

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