Entrepreneurs start companies with the bigger picture in mind and anyone who has been down this road understands that creating opportunity for growth is no small feat. While it’s a key indicator of success, scaling growth is often accompanied by pain points that arise from nearly every aspect of your business.

You’re slammed every minute of every day. You need more labor resources, perhaps you need to invest in additional assets and in many cases you need to invest in technology upgrades. However, there’s always a budget to consider. More often than not, the budget must be allocated towards payroll and other assets crucial to fostering growth, which often means putting those much needed technology upgrades on the backburner.

A ‘big business presence’ is essential to growing your business and technology, especially telecommunications, is a primary component in establishing this. Furthermore, it’s difficult to keep up in a saturated market when your competitors already have these infrastructures in place. So how do you keep your prospects interested in you and not the other guys? One way is using a phone system that portrays you as an enterprise level business even though you may have only 5 – 20 people in the office.

So why would you put technology on the backburner if it’s a key component to your company’s success? There’s a common misconception that technology requires technical knowledge, a considerable amount of capital and a very limited resource, time.

Enter: Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phones are 100% web based, eliminating nearly any upfront investment and on-going maintenance costs while providing the functionality and features you need to correspond with current and potential customers, affiliates and colleagues at an enterprise level. Just like a monthly fee for hosted application platforms such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or online video streaming subscriptions such as Netflix, cloud phones give you the opportunity to pay a small monthly, per user fee for a system with the functionality, scalability and features that are being used by some of the largest corporations around the world.

Here are 3 primary features, beneficial to any small business owner, especially when experiencing growth:

1. Business Phone Numbers

At Layer Seven, many of our small business customers started out with their cell phones. Eventually, taking and making calls from their cell phones just didn’t cut it. A lot of times they finally land that big fish customer they’ve been after for years, placing them within a whole new stage in the game, which gave them a new reason to be taken seriously and to represent their brand on the same level of their customers.

With toll free options, local business number options and various other options, our small business customers have established a ‘big business’ presence by simply implementing a cloud-based phone system.

2. Auto Attendant or Virtual Receptionist

Business growth is a byproduct of some serious networking and business development efforts. Along the way, you don’t always create relationships with new and prospective customers. Many times there are others who notice your growth, making you a new target for their business. While you may support and understand they are doing exactly what you are doing, you don’t always have time to guess who is calling nor do you have the time to speak with those individuals when every minute counts.

How great would it be to have a virtual receptionist? A platform that not only answers your calls but can screen incoming calls for you. At Layer Seven, we enable our small and medium size business customers to focus on productivity without interruption. Now they have the ability to accept the calls that matter most.

3. Work From Anywhere

Growing a business requires spending a lot of time away from the office with customers, partners and affiliates, while simultaneously fulfilling the ongoing need to be involved in what is going on back at the office.

Because cloud phone systems are 100% web-based, you can sync your mobile devices with your cloud phone system and use them to stay connected at all times, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

In conclusion, while there are many other factors and technology devices that contribute to your business presence, brand awareness and company growth, a phone system for voice communication is an essential component. Cloud phones are truly the perfect fit for small and medium sized business that have a need for flexibility, scalability and overall functionality while accommodating limited budgets and time resources.

If you have interest in learning how a cloud phone system can benefit your company, be sure to give us a call at 619-473-5600 or contact us. We would be happy to learn how we may be able to contribute to the overall success of your business.