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Layer Seven is a leading phone system company in San Diego, specializing in turnkey solutions for small to medium sized business.

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There’s minimal upfront cost for phone installation and our user-friendly, highly scalable and always up-to-date, feature-rich solutions.

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Built-in security

Built-in security compliance and privacy control keep your system, location(s) and phone numbers safe around the clock.

Reliable Phone Systems

Always at the ready

Designed for 99.9% uptime, conduct business with confidence and eliminate the need for technical resources.

Manage On-Demand

Experience maximum flexibility and scalability by easily adding new users, locations and offices through your online portal.

Set Up & Manage Easily

Contrary to some of our nation-wide competitors, we do the hard work for you. Do you really want to risk installing and configuring your phone system on your own? Let us help you minimize headache and get you transitioned to your existing or new system quickly and seamlessly.

Phone System Services
Hosted Phone Systems

Take Your Office Anywhere

Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you can maintain an open line of communication with your clients, colleagues and affiliates with our always up-to-date and latest features. Our easy to use client portal enables you and your employees to manage, engage, disengage and select which features they need at their convenience.

Grow and Scale With Ease

Our business phone solutions are designed to be easily scaled up or down regardless of where your office locations and employees may be or the quantity. Leveraging the ever growing advances in internet connectivity, we equip you with an advanced system at undeniable price points.

San Diego Phone System Solutions
Phone Systems that increase productivity

Built With Your Core Responsibilities in Mind

As a business owner, executive or individual with similar responsibilities, you’re lucky to have enough time in the day to accomplish the tasks at hand, let alone be the go-to person when something goes wrong with your phone system. Our proactive approach enables you to focus on what you do best and conduct business without interruption.

Tailored to the Everyday Employee

Your employee’s time and individual responsibilities are just as valuable as their colleagues and upper management. Employees and management alike do not have to have a technical bone in their body to control, monitor and manage the features and phone system settings that they need. With a straight forward and easy-to-use customer portal, each person can stay connected whether in the office or on the go.

Employee Safe Phone Systems
Phone System Collaboration Services

Designed For Teamwork and Collaboration

With the ability to work from anywhere, whether next door or across the globe, we enable you to conduct and maintain business telecommunications like never before. Rest assured, unless you opt to, you can now maintain contact with clients, colleagues and affiliates with on-demand control and management.

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Premise Based vs. Hosted Business Phone Systems

Premised-based VoIP phones or IP PBX phone systems offer a lot of the same features and functionality that a hosted VoIP or Hosted PBX business phone system offers.

The size of your company and the number of locations as well as your IT budget will help determine what type of business phone system is going to make the most sense for you. It is a fact that deploying and maintain a premise-based phone system is anywhere from 30% to 80% more than a hosted phone system solution.

A hosted VoIP or hosted PBX solution is an all-inclusive and pay-as-you-go solution making it possible for you to future proof your phone system and create a budget around your phone system costs. Premise-based phone solutions make it more difficult to future proof and sustain a budget that doesn’t fluctuate from month to month.

When you install a new premise based phone system, there are many components that need to be purchased and installed in order for the system to work. See the example list below and keep in mind that this will need to be done at each location, if you have multiple locations.

  • New PBX Phone System Hardware
  • New Data Cabling (materials and installation)
  • A larger internet pipeline for more bandwidth
  • Multi-location network connectivity and hardware upgrades
  • And more...
The list above is a just a few of the items that need to be in place to get a premise-based business phone system operable and off of the ground. A common single site, premise-based VoIP business phone system installation can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Add a few more sites and it is not hard to hit the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As mentioned earlier, a hosted phone system is generally 30% to 80% less on average.

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Are you looking to replace or upgrade your premise-based business phone system?

When it comes to replacing a legacy business phone system or purchasing a new phone system, it is important to consider and analyze the true total cost of ownership. Premise based-phone systems have many hidden costs and they require hefty upfront investments including PBX or phone system hardware as well as the purchase of new IP phones. When considering your new phone system, take a look past the obvious hardware costs at the details of the total cost of ownership.

Replacing your legacy phone system: VoIP Dial Tone to Replace Old School Telephone Land Lines

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