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We are your SMB IT Partner offering
Cloud Computing, Hosted Data, Hosted VoIP and
Professional IT services across the nation.

Providing Next Generation IT Services in San Diego & Across the Nation

Layer Seven Technologies is a computer networking and business phone system company in San Diego, CA that designs, implements and manages cloud computing, hosted data, managed IT Services, Hosted VoIP Phone Systems, IP Telephony and other IT network services for small and medium size businesses across the nation. Layer Seven is a division of Carrier Solutions Corporation based out of San Diego. We have provided IT customer support for over 12 years. Our IT solutions are designed to deliver enterprise class technology to our small and medium sized customers. We deploy our IT network solutions in businesses that have single or multiple locations with less than 200 computers or users at each location. Our staff is composed of highly trained and certified IT technicians who resolve your computer, connectivity and business telephone related problems quickly and effectively.

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Our Company

We are a San Diego based information technology services provider that focuses on computing, cloud computing, hosted data, networking, IP Telephony, Hosted VoIP business telephone systems and application needs of small to medium-sized businesses across the nation.

At Layer Seven, we have served as the trusted information technology advisor for various small and medium-sized businesses. As a San Diego based IT consulting company, we are able to negotiate better pricing from key suppliers, expand our expertise using our vast base of knowledge from others within our organization, and stay current on the latest information technology developments through our partners. Our local presence means we are readily available to you with fast response times and familiar faces.

Do What You Do Well

With the many things that you need to focus on to run a successful business, it is to your advantage to trust your computing needs to the IT experts at Layer Seven. We can step in and serve as your virtual technology team or help supplement an overworked and undermanned staff.

At Layer Seven, we deliver comprehensive computer and network services to satisfy the needs of your computing environment and budget. In doing so, we’ll help you reduce overhead, improve profits, and enjoy a better return on your investment in information technology.

Layer Seven Team Approach

At Layer Seven, we have worked hard to develop a unique approach to service that is unparalleled in the information technology industry. In keeping with our promise to provide excellent service, we make sure that every area of your business is working to its full potential when it comes to the use of information technology. At Layer Seven, we give you a team of IT professionals dedicated to your company.

Layer Seven Account Management

Your company will be assigned an Account Executive who is responsible or your overall satisfaction. Your Layer Seven Account Executive will explain our company and professional IT services, initially analyze your IT needs, and suggest the best service for your company. Your Account Executive manages the business side of your relationship with Layer Seven.

IT Technical Consutling

As an IT Consulting company based in San Diego, Layer Seven will assign you a Primary and Secondary IT Consultant responsible for all of the technical aspects of maintaining your computers and network. They work in tandem to provide total account management and they share the responsibility of managing your computing needs. This ensures that more than one person is familiar with your account and improves our ability to respond immediately in the event of an emergency. With Layer Seven, you receive a top-level consultant with a wide range of knowledge. Layer Seven consultants are highly skilled in all aspects of computer technologies. Just as importantly, they are punctual, reliable, and professional. Our consultants are trained to translate technical jargon into plain English.

IT Client Operations

All the daily logistics of maintaining your complete satisfaction are the responsibility of Client Operations. Your Client Operations Representative will schedule your consultant for planned events and they stay in constant contact with every member of the Layer Seven team in order to respond in the event of an emergency. Additionally, they handle client files and billing inquiries. Your Client Operations Representative is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m. and during weekends, your calls will be answered by our 24-hour call center. Your entire Layer Seven team can be reached by the call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Layer Seven Training

At Layer Seven, we pride ourselves on the technical expertise of our IT consultants. Our IT consultants are all full-time salaried employees of Layer Seven. We hire only the best!

In addition to our IT consultant’s core competencies, we conduct weekly, monthly and annual on-going training. Our training programs are designed to ensure we stay abreast of the ever-changing Information Technology Industry. Moreover, by continually updating our technical skills, we are better prepared to serve your business today and in the future.

Layer Seven Service

As your company grows, you probably wrestle with the same problems that millions of businesses face today. Maintaining the computer systems that you rely on distracts from your ability to do business. A lot of companies ask an employee or two to become the resident computer expert, which forces them to take on responsibilities outside of their main area of expertise. You may have tried this approach. Or you may even have resorted to the phonebook or classifieds in an attempt to find a freelancer who could bring sanity to your chaotic technology environment. In either case, it’s unlikely you ended up satisfied with the results. Breathe easy. Layer Seven is here for you.

Our highly skilled and qualified IT consultants provide fast, hands-on, individually tailored service. Hourly rates are billed in 15 minute increments, after the first hour. No up-front deposit or retainer charge. No contracts of duration. Basically, we earn your business every day!! In fact, we are so sure you will be pleased with our IT services that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

In the event that a problem does occur, we are equipped 24/7 to bring your systems back up very quickly. When our IT consultants and IT technicians aren’t at your site, our 24-Hour Help Desk is available to provide users with immediate support. That’s because we know your computer systems are critical to your company and your satisfaction is critical to ours.

Your Client Operations Representative can schedule an on-site appointment, put you in touch with a qualified member of our service team who is able to answer your questions over the phone, or arrange for immediate on-site emergency service.

Cloud Computing and Hosted Data Solutions

At Layer Seven, we offer a fully managed solution designed to meet your business needs on an affordable pay-as-you-go model with minimal up-front expense. As a Cloud Computing and Hosted Data company based in San Diego, we become your IT department and single point of contact for all IT requests, support, and services. We will manage your servers, infrastructure, applications, security, connectivity and backup while providing a stable and secure operating environment for your entire IT operation. Your company will maintain full control over the applications and business processes without having to deal with the day-to-day administration and management. Because we take security and uptime very seriously, Layer Seven’s hosted data and server solutions reside in our SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center.

Hosted PBX and Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems

At Layer Seven we provide Hosted VoIP Business Telephone Systems. As a Hosted VoIP Business Phone system company in San Diego, our Hosted VoIP solutions enable you to save over 80% in up-front expenses and over 50% in operational expenses of deploying and maintaining your own business telephone system. Our Hosted VoIP Business Phone Solutions are aligned with best in class manufacturers. Our Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems reside in our SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center to ensure maximum reliability, security, and uptime.

Voice and Data Connectivity Solutions

At Layer Sven, we provide an unbiased analysis of your expenses for voice and data connectivity circuits and offer IT solutions from its nationwide partners including AT&T, Telepacific, XO Communications, Paetec and other top tier LEC and CLEC providers. We audit your connectivity expenses, discuss your current and future connectivity needs, and determine voice and data connectivity solutions that fit your company best. This allows you to achieve a competitive quote from a variety of qualified carriers without the hassle of meeting with each one. You do not pay more utilizing our services versus working directly with the carriers, but you do gain our experience and assistance with the design and implementation we provide and we look for additional discounts not normally offered by direct reps.

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